Concord Eye Center
Concord, NH
Posted 1-27-22

POSITION:  Orthoptist

 DEPARTMENT:  Pediatric

 REPORTS TO:   Vice President of Operations

JOB SUMMARY:  Evaluate complex eye misalignment in both children and adults and contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus.
• Participate in clinical studies of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG).
• Actively participate in patient management and education.
• Perform ophthalmic examinations; diagnostic, technical and specialized testing; and ophthalmic photography.
• Prepare patients for exams/procedures and provide patient/family support.
• Ensure appropriate visit notes and that test results are prepared and available for visit.
• Act as a resource for COTs and other Ophthalmic Technologists.


  1. Excellent communication skills, written and oral.
  2. Proven ability to work well in a clinical setting.
  3. Personable; empathetic with patient’s needs and concerns.
  4. Well-organized with attention to detail.
  5. Ability to work as a team member.
  6. Demonstrated computer literacy.

 Typical Working Conditions:  Normal medical office environment.  Occasional evening work.


  1. Maintain smooth patient flow.
  2. Perform routine exams and diagnostic procedures.
  3. Make and receive phone calls from patients and other doctor’s offices.
  4. Write out prescriptions for glasses, contacts and medications with proper MD approval.
  5. Perform Diagnostic exams


 • Must have completed a two-year fellowship in an accredited orthoptic program with certification from the American Orthoptic Council.
• Graduate from a CAAHEP (two-year)-accredited ophthalmic technologist program, including orthoptic training and 60 semester hours of undergraduate course work.
• Certified Orthoptist by the American Orthoptist Council.

 Keep Current number of credits to maintain licensure

Contact: Pat Bourgault  [email protected]