2023 National Meeting Sunday Symposium

The 2023 AACO/AOC/AAO Sunday Symposium will take place on Sunday November 5, 2023 at the Moscone Center. Take Shuttle Route #5 from the front of the hotel lobby on Kearny Street.  The symposium will be recorded for viewing on-demand on the AACO Online Learning Center. 

Understanding Myopia; Global Prevalence, Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention in 2023

Chaired By:
Alex Christoff, CO  Omondi N'yongo, MD
 Baltimore, MD  San Francisco, CA

Location: Moscone Center WEST 2005

Presentation of Lancaster Medal Pamela Berg, CO®
The Epidemiology of Myopia Kyle Arnoldi, CO®
Myopia in Genetic Disorders Jefferson Doyle, MD
Challenges with Screening and Providing
Spectacles to Underserved Populations

Megan Collins, MD
Strabismus Associated with High Myopia Laura Kirkeby, CO®, OC(C)
Atropine Dose - Making Sense of the Literature Ken Nischal, MD