2023 AACO National Meeting CE Information

The 2023 AACO National Meeting will be held in-person November 4-6 in San Fransisco, CA.  The meeting will be awarded AOC and IJCAHPO CE.  You can still get AOC CE if you cannot attend the in-person event.  IJCAHPO CE will only be available for the in person sessions. 

More information on CE amounts coming soon....
Typically the AACO applies for 16 or more CEC with the AOC

AOC CE will be available for both the in-person event and for the on-demand viewing of the recordings.  The recordings will be made available shortly after the meeting.  The AOC requires that at least 10 if your CE credits come form attendance at an in-person meeting and are in CORE topics.  For 2023, the AOC will allow "in-person" credits for the viewing of the recordings.  In order to receive your "in-person" credits for watching the recordings, you must write down three points made by the speakers for every hour of CE attendance. 1:1 credit will be given for watching the videos.  Submit your take home points to the AOC with your application for re-certification. 
Important Note: JCAHPO CE will only be awarded for the in-person sessions.  No JCAHPO CE will be awarded for the on-demand viewing of the recordings.  


How to Maintain Certification with the AOC



Individual questions regarding continuing education credit hours should be directed to:
3914 Nakoma Road, Madison, WI 53711
Telephone: 608 233-5383 
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